Our immersion activities

NoWayOut, your space for intense immersion and experience

Two adventures are already available in your new Escape Game space in Fécamp :

Nikola Tesla’s Escape-Maze and Arsène Lupine’s Bank Breakage

The ‘impossible’ Laser Maze of Nicolas Tesla

1 à 10 (alone or in teams)
Available in the following languages:
An impossible challenge? You need to slip between the lasers to deactivate the ultra secure protection system of the safe.

Sans réservation les mercredi, samedi et dimanche de 10h à 19h. Sur réservation : essais illimités pendant 30 min.

Prices :

The average price of our Escape Game (1 hr) doesn’t change according to the number of players; it depends on the reservation time.

From €80 (every day from 8 p.m.) or €90 mornings and lunchtimes, to €125 (weekends between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.)