The ‘impossible’ Laser Maze of Nicolas Tesla

1 à 10 (alone or in teams)

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The ‘impossible’ laser maze of Nicolas Tesla

Have you dreamed of diving into a giant video game? Larger than life…

Come and defy the laws of earthly gravity, bodily inertia, and the speed of light with our ‘impossible’ Escape Maze

A totally addictive and exhilarating attraction, attempt it alone, against yourself, or as part of a team.

A great challenge: Slip between the lasers, complete your intermittent tasks and deactivate the ultra sensitive and highly protected security system to access the safe. This safe was specially created for the ‘King of Thieves’ by his great friend, Nicolas Tesla.

Grab your gym clothes, warm up and stretch your muscles, loosen up your joints, sharpen your eyes and all your senses, as only a few agile and skilled gymnasts can achieve this extremely difficult, often deemed impossible, challenge!

Register your name in the book for the REAL INgame adventure

Come along any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. – The first attempt is free… 😉

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Play alone or with friends, for a limited number of attempts, you can purchase your card in our boutique! Buy a card now!

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