Sébastien Ganimard, heir to the famous family of French national security investigators STOP

found  the trail of Arsène Lupin, the famous gentleman burglar who may still be alive/ STOP

And over a hundred years old /STOP 

In a mysterious mansion/ STOP

Nestled in a park of secular trees right in the center of a small town on the banks of the English Channel /STOP

Fécamp / STOP

Surprise, this LUPIN is a hundred-year-old fugitive, but as alert and cunning as ever /STOP 

For the past 10 years, he has been "squatting" in this abandoned hotel and former museum / STOP 

The national security investigation team, led by S.Ganimard, is waiting to take over /STOP

they found a gigantic vault protected by a security system that is impregnable/STOP

Thus protected, they see at the bottom a very old conquistador's safe / STOP

It is said to have been stolen from a Spanish caravel by the famous shipowner of King François 1st's privateers: Johan ANGO/ STOP

Petrified corpses were found all over the building / STOP

No member currently on site wants to continue the survey /STOP

Because an expert from the Louvre came from Paris and he thinks it's the Aztec Treasure stolen by Cortez and that it's cursed / STOP

We're really counting on your team of volunteer investigators and their pragmatism /STOP