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Escape games for all types of organization.

(VSE - SME - SMI - ETI - Major Groups)

Booking an Escape Game for team building is a great way to reinforce the intangible structure of your team. It's also an opportunity to spend a pleasant moment with colleagues, away from the work site. 

An escape-game is :

  • Strengthen cohesion and team spirit.
  • Re-discover your company's talents and resources
  • Observe specific talents as part of a group exercise prior to possible recruitment.
  • Spend a relaxing moment after an intense period of work.
  • Congratulate your team on a job well done or a contract won.

Since 1999, we've specialized in the writing and creation of customized, life-size immersions and Escape Games, role-playing games and reality games: mixedvirtualenhanced are in symbiosis.

We create spectacular settings and worlds that illustrate powerful themes. Based on well-crafted interactive scenarios and fictional plots, we stage playful and enigmatic situations in these extreme contexts.

These scenarios are specially designed to meet the company's current issues and needs:  

  • Functional and organizational optimization
  • Cooperation,
  • Helping each other and defusing employee conflicts,
  • Achieving common goals,
  • Behavioral enhancement in workgroup reports.
For more information and/or a quote, contact us at 02 27 43 69 11 or by contact@nowayout.fr

NoWayOut escape & ACTION game immersiFS

Think of our sensational adventures for your EVJF/EVJH, birthdays, family reunions, for all your private and professional events...

In partnership with a selection of local players, we offer indoor and outdoor spaces for your meetings and seminars...

Select your services, your menu, your entertainment:
We offer brunches, games & lunches on the grass, cocktail parties...
Everything is tailor-made...

For more information and/or a quote, contact us at 02 27 43 69 11 or by contact@nowayout.fr

celebrate your birthday at nowayout.fr Fécamp 76400

Escape Game for children's birthday parties (8-15 years)

An Escape-game is a moment of happiness to share with friends, a sensational and mysterious adventure in a surrealistic setting. Guests will appreciate...  

Our team is at your disposal to help you choose and organize the perfect adventure to make your child's birthday a success!

Original invitations, sensational decorations, piñata, handmade sweets, birthday cakes, games and special entertainment...

Our team handles preparations and orders for offer the birthday party of your child's dreams.

For up to 20 guestswe can partially privatize the site.

For a number of guests between 20 and 50we can fully privatize the venue.

For more information and/or a quote, contact us at 02 27 43 69 11 or by contact@nowayout.fr

Escape Game for Adults' birthdays

Would you like to celebrate your birthday in an original and sensational way?

Offer or Book an Escape-Game... 

At No Way Out, you enter a 19th-century manor house.

Invite your friends for an unforgettable experience!

No Way Out offers you the opportunity to privatize all or part of our spaces to immerse your guests in a totally immersive experience. real-life adventures exciting and mysterious...

Our team is at your disposal to help you choose and organize your event by offering you immersion perfect for a successful birthday party!

Original invitations, sensational themed decorations, homemade cocktails, catered dishes, birthday cakes, music, theater, games and special animations can be on the agenda...

Our team will take care of everything so that you and your guests have the best possible time...

Depending on planning requirements and the chosen day, we can partially privatize the venue for up to 8 guests.

For a number of guests between 9 and 50, we privatize the entire venue and make the terrace available, overlooking an enclosed garden.

*Reservations must be made at least 12 days before the event...

For more information and/or a quote, contact us at 02 27 43 69 11 or by contact@nowayout.fr

Escape Game for EVG and EVJF

Organize a sensational group activity for the bride or groom-to-be by booking an Escape Game at

No Way Out, right in the heart of Fécamp!

Contact us to take advantage of our services to optimize the organization of your bachelor or bachelorette party or that of your friend.

Choose an event that everyone will enjoy, and that won't be a headache to organize...

No Way Out offers organization and payment facilities for this type of event:

  • An advance on the settlement and a individual payment for each participant via secure 100% online payment,
  • The possibility of settling the remainder on site on the day of the event, by separating each guest's share of the bill. This way, there's no confusion between guests about who owes what to whom!

Our team will help you organize your event according to your expectations and the tastes of the bride or groom-to-be. We'll help you define the duration of your Escape or Action Game (from 1 hour to 2 hours), prepare additional entertainment, order specific drinks and food... Finally, depending on the number of guests, the space can be partially or totally privatized.

For an EVG or EVJF at No Way Out, we take care of all the organization and all you have to do is enjoy the moment.

If you wish to privatize, please reserve at least 12 days before the event.

For more information and/or a quote, contact us at 02 27 43 69 11 or by contact@nowayout.fr