Our Services

for 8 – 15 year olds

Enjoy the exceptional and welcoming setting of our available immersion games with our special Harry Potter décor and atmosphere. We will assist you in organising and finding everything you need to ensure your child’s birthday celebration is a resounding success.

Imaginative invitations, sensational decor, piñata, homemade confectionary, balloons, birthday cake, special food, games and activities and much, much more to ensure an unforgettable birthday event for your child (maximum of 20 guests for a partial privatisation, 50 guests for a total privatisation).

Adult Birthdays

We will privatise all or part of our game areas, any day of the week except Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays. You can benefit from our immersion games that will be available to your guest teams.

We will assist you with finding and organising everything you need to ensure that you have a fantastic and memorable birthday party.

Imaginative invitations, sensational themed decor, house cocktail, innovative caterers, birthday cake, special games and activities and much, much more to ensure you and your guests enjoy a magical and unforgettable time…

  • Maximum of 20 guests for a partial privatisation
  • 50 guests for a total privatisation  

Stag parties and Hen parties

No more stress!! We are here to listen to your ideas and assist you with the organisation of a perfect event to end your single life with a flourish. We will assist you with creating a dream event that you will always remember. 

Reservations from one hour to ‘x’ hours, total or partial privatisation, special themes…

Call us and we will immediately send you a free quote.

Everyone in your group of friends can pay separately. You can even pay towards the future husband or wife’s part. No need for one person to pay for all the others and arrange to be paid back with all the hassle for late payments that can occur. Our payment system is 100% secure, you simply need to make a small payment upon reservation.

Come and spend the best weekend of your life without having to lift a finger, we will take care of everything, just pack your suitcase and bring your friends!

Corporate team Building seminars

Companies, micro-companies, corporations; unite your employees to create a true team spirit at the heart of your company.

We are specialists in the creation of games and challenging leisure activities based on fiction and we are particularly interested now in the study of human requirements, people’s desires and aspirations to collaborate as part of a team.

We aim to develop the individual’s role within a group (their family) through integration and so find their place at the heart of a team that grows in strength through this fiction/reality setting.

Extrapolated from role playing games, our ESCAPE GAME adventures have been developed within real life situations, created in locations and sites that are particularly spectacular in accordance with the scenarios and themes chosen.

These concepts, taking the form of undirected missions in which the roles are determined by the participants themselves, have been created to respond specifically to different problems encountered in businesses.