Arsène Lupin is one of the best-known and most popular characters of all time. He has captivated readers with daring adventures and incredible feats.

Arsène Lupin's stories are breathtaking and fascinating plunges into the world of banditry and high society at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Well-written, full of dramatic moves and unexpected twists, all the ingredients of the suspense that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat are present on every page.

The perfect combination of world and setting, his ability to extricate himself from situations that always seem hopeless, and his bold, charismatic personality make him the perfect hero. Arsène Lupin, like a cat that always lands on its feet, becomes the fantasy hero who dazzles readers and viewers alike...

Let's try and understand why and how...

The mystery of Arsène Lupin: the man of a thousand names and masks .

Arsène Lupin is a character famous for his ability to disguise himself. The gentleman burglar is known for his multiple identities, masks and elaborate costumes.

But how has he managed to deceive the authorities and escape justice all these years?

Let's explore the mystery of Arsène Lupin, the man of a thousand names and masks. First and foremost, he's one of those complex characters with a "thousand" appearances. He used a multitude of identities, including Désiré Baudru, Raoul d'Andrésy, Jean Daspry, Colonel Sparmiento, Prince Rénine, Jim Barnett, the Count of Grimaud and many others. (Today we know him by around 34 borrowed names).

In addition to these names, he is known for his disguise and make-up skills, which enable him to blend into the crowd and evade the police and, of course, the law.

For the police and national security services, the "Arsène Lupin" mystery lies in his ability to transform himself in an instant. A true magician, he can become an elegant aristocrat, a construction worker or a sailor. He has the ability to disguise himself with great skill and precision, perfectly imitating the mannerisms and expressions of his characters.

This enabled him to slip through the police net regularly and remain unidentified, even though he is still actively sought.

How did Arsène Lupin manage to deceive the finest members of the national police force and escape justice in the process?

This is thanks to his ability to use his intelligence, wit and intuition to anticipate police movements and avoid traps.

He also has an in-depth knowledge of French society, which enables him to blend in with the crowd and avoid attracting attention.

We believe and have proof that, despite his advanced age, he is still alive...